Friday, 7 September 2012

Pack Easy & Light with Travelling Check List

Travelling are we? Make a list of things you are going to need. Write down everything and if you don’t need it scratch the item later from the list. It will take some time but with a check list you are not likely to forget those simple things that we always take for granted but forget to put in the end.

Start packing your items and keep them ticking off the list. Here are some items that you can start with on a list.

  •        Toiletries- it includes everything from toothbrush to shaving kit to sun block. 
Undergarments- always put an extra pair of undergarments and falke socks (sokken falke in Dutch)
-Carry a pair of thermo socks(thermo sokken in Dutch)too; it will help you stay warmer.  
thermo sokken

  • Clothes- try to pack light and take some party dress along. You never know when it comes handy.
  • Shoes- wear comfortable shoes while travelling and carry a smart pair along
  • Medicines- if you are on prescribed medication don’t forget to take the medicine and a copy of prescription along. Always carry regular medicines like antacids, aspirin etc.
  • ID proof- don’t forget to carry your cards and other ID cards along.
  • Cash- it is always safe to take a small amount in cash and the rest you can withdraw from your bank cards.
  • Chargers- take the charger for your cell phone or handy camera or whatever gadget you are carrying.
  • Gadgets- if you are travelling with kids take along some gadgets or other play devices to keep them engaged.
Your packing will be much easier if you work with a travelling checklist. In the end, it would save you a lot of time and anxiety.

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