Thursday, 1 November 2012

Working Woman’s Guide to Tights

A working woman’s professionalism shows from her attitude as well as her dressing. Tights are one piece of clothing that gives that classy yet professional look to any dress. They can be worn all year round as they come in many materials, designs and colors and you can easily order tights(Panty bestellen in Dutch)  over the Internet.

Here are some tips that can help you buy tights(Panty kopen in Dutch) suitable to your working environment plus your style.

Comfortable or Fitter

Panty bestellenIt depends on you completely whether you want comfortable or tight fitting tights. The comfortable ones may fit at the tummy but are not snug fits. It would not offer support of the control top. There are tights that support your legs or feet if you are in a standing job.

Fitter tights give a snug fit look and provide support to your lower back and hips. They even cover up that unwanted fat on your tummy area.

If you do not feel comfortable with panty hose tights you can opt for knee high or thigh high tights.


Sheer tights mimic bare legs and come in very basic colors like black, skin or gray. They are usually very thin so they run down pretty easily but look very elegant when worn with a dress. These tights are best for summers.
Thicker tights

Thicker tights make great leg warmers during the winters and they come in many bright shades adding a spark of color in the dull winter atmosphere.


They come in all the materials starting from net, Lycra, cotton, wool and even silk. Choose the material according to the occasion. For example silk or net tights can be worn at a party and regular Lycra tights can be worn as everyday office wear.

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