Saturday, 21 July 2012

Know More about Modern Sport Underwear

Performing well in sports depends on a lot of things. While thorough knowledge and practice are important, equally important are the factors of comfort and support. It is this very need of comfort and support that led athletes to re-think the importance of proper Sport Underwear (Sport Ondergoed in Dutch). Many noted sportswear manufacturers of present time also offers impressive lines of athletic underwear.

These are not only comfortable enough to wear for sports but are also preferred choices for everyday use. Moreover, the varieties are endless. Do not worry that you will have to restrict yourself to the designs of by-gone era in order to find a piece that is truly comforting. The range of modern sport underwear includes athletic boxers, stretch briefs, boxer briefs, stretch cycle shorts, jock straps, etc.
Another such important item of sport underwear is the socks, more specifically thermo socks. These are mostly used by the hikers or those who are into skiing and snow-boarding. The thermo socks (thermo sokken in Dutch) are very different from their ordinary counterparts.

These are not only effective for protecting one’s feet from blistering and frost-bite in freezing weather conditions, but also keeps one from developing hypothermia from the rapidly cooling feet. The socks also stop the excessive sweating that may affect one in cold weather.

It is the excessive sweating that starts fungal activity in the feet and may also cause trouble concentrating and reduce mobility rate. The thermo socks, on the other hand, keep the feet dry and fresh round the clock, thereby minimizing the chances of any complications.

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