Friday, 13 July 2012

Many Benefits of Falke Ski Socks and Hiking Socks

Falke ski socks and falke hiking socks (Falke wandelsokken in Dutch) have secured their position in the good books of sports participants for quite some time now. The two main concerns that athletes have regarding their socks are the freshness and comfort. These two qualities are incredibly rare in ordinary socks and are thus highly valued. However, the superb range of falke tights and lingerie has made life a lot easier for the athletes of modern times. Nowadays, many tournaments and matches are held during the night. Generally, the temperature drops quite a few degrees during the night and thus it becomes necessary for the players to keep their feet warm and well-protected. This is also a major concern for those who take part in hiking or skiing activities regularly. On the top of a mountain, the temperature is pretty low which enhances the chances of blistering, hypothermia and even frost bite.

Falke hiking socks(falke wandelsokken in Dutch) and falke ski socks(Skisokken falke in Dutch) are the best suited for avoiding such potentially problematic ailments. These socks are specially designed to provide a hiker or an athlete’s feet with the maximum comfort and, more importantly, protection possible. The toes of these socks are hand linked for seam-free comfort to reduce exposure to blisters and the minutely constructed mesh panels help in proper ventilation, keeping feet cool and dry. The feathery-soft elastic arch provides a firm yet comfortable grip and the reinforced heel and toes give the guarantee of long-lasting durability. That is not all! The falke socks come with a unique moisture management quality that provides the feet with dryness and freshness all day long. Some cushions are strategically placed in the socks which protect your feet when they step on uneven surfaces.

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