Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Polarn O.Pyret Anti Slip Socks

Many people all over the world have come to realize the benefits of Slip Socks (antislip sokken in Dutch) that has been in the market for a long time. These socks are very necessary especially in cold seasons to protect the feet from catching cold. They are also very necessary to people who suffer from arthritis and they need warmth all the time. Kids also are worn these socks to keep their little feet warm as well as protect them from injuries.

Porlan O.Pyret Slip Socks is a designer type of socks that is made of quality. The pair is made from different percentages of cotton, elastane and polyamide and is solid colored to keep the legs warm all the time. The socks have an anti-slip treatment on soles as well as cuff that can be folded downwards or upwards.

Falk Hiking Socks on the other hand are normally used for hiking purposes and in sports. These types of socks are made of Merino wool to keep the feet very comfortable when hiking or participating in any sport. They are designed in a way that they follow the contour of the feet and some fine seams are added to minimize blistering. 

Falk Hiking Socks (falke wandelsokken in Dutch) are made of Merino wool, Elastane and polyamide and have a mesh panel that allows proper ventilation for comfort and dryness; they have an excellent freshness that is provided by the dynamic moisture management.

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